Business Registration

Dear business owner or manager, I have an opportunity to introduce
you to the Sheila D’s discount card. 

Using Sheila D’s vast popularity of her  Facebook, web site and email list we are introducing the Sheila D’s Discount Card.

We will offer cards to our thousands of viewers, and hand them out to the hundreds of business professionals that attend my Afterwork Events. Each new member must log on daily for updates, including new participating venues and discount amounts. You are in full charge of how much of a discount and even which days your discounts are available.

Our site will also link to participating restaurants, encouraging viewers to check out your site for menu, decor and specials, etc. The Sheila D. Discount Cards are free, all we ask for is email and cell phone info. With that we can inform card holders of updates, specials and any emails you create can be forward to our card holders free of charge.

Your participation is also free of charge.

If your interested increasing your customer base and visibility call.

Please take a minute and fill out the form below.
Or Call 646-671-2416
Thank you


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